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Samadhi  Nurtures  the  Spirit  Calms  the  Mind
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For  Those  Who  Know  ART  of  Silence
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A  Pilgrimage  you  Owe  Yourself

Kandy Samadhi Centre - Nature Resort in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Fifty minutes northeast of Kandy the fertile landscape becomes a mass of lush vegetation reverberating with unfamiliar birdsong. The human populace too seem a different breed, profligate with smiles and allowing their abundant good sat sung to spill over and cloak the visitor. Go past the triangular ambalama and up the steps where you squeeze past the statue of a giant Hindu goddess - half woman, half horse.

Inside the entrance hall at Samadhi you are watched over by a silk tapestry depicting seven Buddhist monks each holding a lotus blossom in their hand.   Read More >>